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Summit Drilling provides personalized, professional, and high quality industrial diamond drilling services in Northern Ontario. We specialize in servicing remote sites and challenging terrain. We are versatile industry specialists and produce custom equipment that is lightweight, adaptable, and efficient. We are proud of our onsite productivity, maintaining downtown to the absolute minimum. Our highly portable, quality equipment allows us to extract valued core samples quickly and at the lowest cost to our clients.

We deliver surface and underground drilling services and proficient at drilling in any substrate. Our teams are thoroughly trained in onsite operations and safety precautions, efficiently providing high quality, effective results.

Summit Drilling is on time, on task, and on budget.

All growth depends upon activity. There is no development […] without effort, and effort means work.
- Calvin Coolidge

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Summit Drilling

4544 Hwy 69 N, Val Therese, ON, P3P 1P9

tel: (705) 969-7256

fax: (705) 969-1762

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